Sunflower Preschool was founded by Carolyn Lochhead (1929-2007) in 1980.  After raising her children, Carolyn went to college in order to realize her passion of educating young children.  After working as a director of a local preschool for several years, Carolyn decided to start her own school in the late 1970s.  Along with her husband George, Carolyn bought the property at 2400 Nelson Avenue, transforming the house into classrooms and the yard into a playground.  Carolyn designed the playground and George built many of the swings and slides that are still in operation.  The school opened in 1980, and was expanded to include the adjacent property in the late 1980s.

Carolyn served for many years as both the director of the school and as a teacher.  Sunflower Preschool was Carolyn’s passion and her love can still be sensed in the homey feel of the classrooms, the backyard feel of the playground, a curriculum designed to teach the whole child, and the devotion of the staff.  Carolyn’s devotion to the education of young children still permeates all aspects of the school.

James and Judy Lochhead, the children of Carolyn Lochhead, took over running the school in 2007.  James has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, and Judy has a PhD in Music.  She is a Professor at Stony Brook University, New York.